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Most homes and businesses have some degree of soil erosion and concrete settling, and owners aren’t aware that it can be fixed without the high cost and hassle of demolition and re-pouring new concrete. With MIDDLE GEORGIA CONCRETE LEVELING, LLC Concrete Leveling there is no mess, no down time, and it’s affordable!

Our History

Owners Matt and Zach Lindsey are brothers. Matt has a forestry background, and Zach came from the diesel industry maintaining forklifts and later aerospace ground support equipment for Robins Air Logistics Complex. Matt had a friend whose shop had a plumbing pipe burst underneath, washing out all the foundation soil for part of the shop floor. Wanting to avoid expensive replacement costs and lengthy downtime, Matt came across concrete repair through polyurethane injection, lifting and leveling concrete. With no one local doing slab repair and lifting using polyurethane foam, the brothers started MIDDLE GEORGIA CONCRETE LEVELING, LLC in the Middle Georgia area. MIDDLE GEORGIA CONCRETE LEVELING provides the customer with a functional, like-new finish to old, uneven concrete that will last years to come.

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