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Concrete Leveling and Lifting

It is not an exaggeration when we say that concrete is the hardest substance used for construction purposes. One cannot imagine skyscrapers and other marvelous architecture without including the name concrete. 

However, concrete, too, bears the brunt of wear and tear and continuous traffic. Owing to this, concrete might sink after some time. When concrete sinks, it causes many problems. Especially when the concrete of driveways or pavers sinks, then it could harm people and vehicles alike. People might trip while walking or have their feet stuck in a gap. Similarly, damaged concrete might flatten tires and damage the functioning of vehicles. 

You can avail of concrete leveling services from providers like Middle Georgia Concrete Leveling. We offer impeccable services using breakthrough technology and equipment for concrete leveling services.

Traditional Concrete Leveling Services

There are traditional concrete leveling services too. But that is a bit too cumbersome. You are supposed to purchase new concrete and other equipment, break the existing setup and construct anew. This takes a lot of time and also involves labor charges. And after all the effort, one cannot guarantee that the concrete would not sink again. 

Hence, we undertake polyurethane foam to risen the sunken concrete. The polyurethane technique to elevate the sunken concrete is the best one so far. For concrete lifting services, 3/8 holes are drilled in the sunken concrete in a specific pattern. The pattern is determined by repairing the concrete needs. Hence, professional intervention is mandatory. 

The polyurethane foam in its liquid state is induced into the holes, and when the foam gets in, it condenses and becomes hard. The pressure exerted during this process lifts the concrete, also filling other minor holes and gaps. Thus, the concrete stands completely lifted. After the process is accomplished, mud is smoothed over the sunken concrete to give it a finished look. 

Concrete lifting services using polyurethane foam can be undertaken by experienced professionals alone. The process consumes minimum time and is pretty affordable. 

The process can fill voids and cracks or holes on pool decks, patios, and many more walkways. 

The void is a cavity created when the cement underneath the concrete comes loose. Polyurethane foam can be used to fill the void with a hardening substance and protect it from sinking. Similarly, a recessed porch could also pose a severe threat. It needs to be lifted immediately to avoid tripping. 

Hence, consult with Middle Georgia Concrete Leveling Services for concrete leveling and lifting services and see life sailing normally once again.

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