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You might be surprised to know that concrete is the most used substance after water. It is a long-lasting component; however, it won’t remain in the same condition forever. With time, it is prone to get damaged, raising safety concerns. Polyurethane Foam injections are common methods used to fix concrete issues. They are primarily used for concrete slab leveling in Macon, GA

What are Polyurethane Foam Injections?

Polyurethane foam injections are used for various concrete repairs, including displacing underground water, rising footing, slab leveling, and concrete slab lifting in Macon, GA.  It is also known as poly-jacking and is a great alternative to the conventional mud-jacking method.

concrete slab leveling in Macon, GA

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Injections

The use of polyurethane foam injections in the concrete slab leveling in Macon, GA, has seen a great rise in the past few years. It is not surprising, as it offers numerous benefits. Let’s look at some of those.

How Do Polyurethane Foam Injections Works?

Let’s look at how polyurethane foam injection work for concrete slab leveling and concrete slab lifting in Macon, GA.

The foam is injected as a liquid underneath the slab. Before curing, the liquid expands while filling any gaps and lifting the concrete. Within seconds, it will reach its absolute volume. After it is cured, it maintains its compressive strength and does not lose its density. It won’t break down or wash away with water.

The polyurethane foam injection for concrete slab leveling can be done quickly, and the surface can be used immediately. The hole of injection is the size of a dime or 5/8 inch. Thus, they are the perfect solution for concrete slab lifting and leveling in decorative or highly visible areas.

The Bottom Line 

Whether you opt for concrete slab lifting and leveling service for a residential or commercial area, polyurethane foam injection is the best and efficient method. This advanced technique is affordable and less time-consuming than the traditional method.












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