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How It Works

We lift/level uneven concrete surfaces by injecting a 2-part structural polyurethane foam under the slab using specialized equipment. The high-density foam is injected in a liquid state to expand and lift the slab to the desired level using controlled injections that are performed through 3/8-inch drilled holes in a specific pattern, which are later patched with concrete. As the structural foam expands under the slab, the pressure required to lift the slab also forces foam into voids and compresses/compacts the weak soil underneath, also known as soil stabilization. The procedure also under-seals the slab and can waterproof the treated area preventing future erosion of soil.


Sometimes one side of a slab will raise as the opposite side drops, or an entire slab will sink, creating a tripping hazard and liability

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Poor soil conditions, including poor compaction and water erosion, cause even the largest of concrete slabs to settle, which creates a dangerous, uneven surface. MIDDLE

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Pool Decks

Stubbing toes and tripping around a concrete pool deck can be dangerous. We see it often; pool decks settle due to poor compaction on the

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Void Filling

Voids are spaces under slabs that have been created over time due to poor soil conditions from erosion of water or compaction. Voids are the

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Concrete poured porches are very common here in the south; however, so is sinking porch slabs causing cracking and trip hazards. Before you get a

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