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Budget plays a crucial role while hiring a concrete leveling company in Macon to address the concrete repair work at your home. Thus, before you sign the deal with any company, ask them for a free estimate. It will give you an idea about how much the repair work will cost you and whether you are ready for it.

We bring you the top three estimate questions that you can ask the contractor of foam concrete leveling in Macon. 

How Will You Provide The Estimate To Me?

The first question to ask your concrete leveling company in Macon is how they will provide the estimate to you. In business, speed is the synonym of trust. If they tell you that they will take a week to answer you or have a fancy logarithm that will take days to calculate, there are chances that they are inexperienced, not comfortable with their calculation, or are paddling with the numbers. 

The best contractor in the town will either offer you an estimate on-site via paper or email. In the worst case, they will tell you they need to double-check the part price and inform you within two business days. 

What Warranty Cover Do You Offer?

Length and coverage are the two critical factors of a concrete leveling warranty. Depending on the age of concrete and product, the warranty may vary between 2 to 10 years. It might also cover movement greater than 1/4″ during warranty. However, be alert, as the contractor may charge additional service fees. 

Lifetime warranties may sound tempting; however, be mindful. A concrete leveling company warranty is only good till it is in business. Even if they are in business, the warranty may not be transformed from owner to owner.

What Payment Option Do You Offer?

The next question to ask your contractor of foam concrete leveling in Maconis when the payment will be due and how they will accept it. 

Generally, the contractor may ask you for payment in full when services are given. In some instances, for big commercial or residential projects, they may ask you to pay a down payment before scheduling the work. You must be ready to pay for the job in full on the day of project completion.  

Most contractors accept credit cards or check as a form of payment. Depending on the cash flow, it must be helpful to know if your concrete leveling contractor accepts credit card payment and which card they accept. Also, inquire if they charge transaction fees on the credit card. 

The Bottom Line

Before you hire a concrete leveling contractor, don’t forget to get an estimate and ask questions about finances. You don’t want to hire the contractor; start the work only to realize down the road that they are charging you too much. 

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